Our Motivation

The Vision

To be the biggest smallest partnership firm laser-focused not on fixing existing organizational gaps for clients but solving them together with future excellence in mind.

The Mission

We commit every day to teams, whether executive or operational, faced with organizational change to face it boldly and confidently because we are there to walk hand in hand providing education when there are questions, a plan when ideas are few, and leadership when change looks impossible. Our focus on servant leadership reflects our commitment to building solid and progressive relationships with our partners, not just fulfilling a contractual agreement. DeWitt Consultancy shines bright in chaos because we strive to be the beacon to organizations who don’t want to “just survive”, employees who want to be able to nurture their clients because they themselves are nurtured and because we are a living example that every person in our society has greatness to bring to the world. Our value comes from three places: our extensive operational experience that allows our client partners to visualize their initiative everywhere from the ten-foot to the hundred-foot view, our tactical experience that ensures that every project uses the right tool for the job, every time and our daily creed to treat every interaction as an opportunity to promote honesty, trust, and straightforwardness.