Meet the Team

Kimberly DeWitt, CEO/Chief Strategist

Background: From the moment she hacked a network by accident as a teenager, she was drawn to the IT space and never left. She built a 15+ year IT career on being a data guardian, educator and advocate. Her business-side experience spans just as long as well. Because of her excellent communication and facilitation skills, she has held a number of bridging roles that created important crossroads for external and internal clients alike to be able to address organizational change in an organized and thoughtful way. Her skillset ranges from languages such as SQL and Powershell to organizational processes such as Agile, strategic planning and leadership development.
Personal motivation: I have two great sources that keep me going:
  • Breaking down the IT "black box": I discovered many years ago that just as I much as I liked writing code and running development teams, I love being a much needed bridge between IT and those outside of it much more. It is a rare skill to be able to successfully exist on both sides of the great IT divide. I have been blessed to be able to leverage all of my expertise to help organizations embrace their IT organization, not as a input/output resource, but as a true partner. This is only possible when everyone can speak the same language. I consider myself an IT translator.
  • Embrace the chaos!: I have been a great observer of people and process for much of my professional life. What I have discovered is that there are no BAD organizations, only bad process. Unlike most people, I love chaos because it creates a unique opportunity to lean in and dig deep to find root cause. Being a detail-oriented person, I love the journey of discovery, creating a safe space to do so and bringing others along with me so they can discover that the chaos that had been killing their organizational progress is actually something that can be defined, addressed and mitigated.
Why did you found DeWitt Consultancy Partners? I founded DeWitt Consultancy because I want to help organizations live their best lives through using my diverse organizational skillset. My ability to be both strategic and operational helps teams and organizations to be able to plan with confidence and know that they have someone who has been in the trenches AND can help them navigate the operational implementation of strategic initiatives. Gaps are minimized, organizational trust is maintained and teams can feel good that they conquered the seemingly unconquerable.
What one word describes you best? Implacable.

Kingston Bell, CEO-In-Training

Background: Kingston has spent a lifetime devoted to perfecting the science of people. Using his incredible charisma and professionalism, he is able to engage with even the most difficult of people in an unassuming and trust-building way. Although currently in a successor role, Kingston is an active participant in operation of the company he will run one day. As future CEO, Kingston understands that clients want to work with the best and he eagerly rises to the challenge with every interaction. DeWitt Consultancy is proud to partner with Kingston and welcomes his developing leadership and insights now and into the future.
Personal motivation: I want to be the best because my mom is the best.
Why do you like working for DeWitt Consultancy Partners? I am learning a lot and I can tell my friends that I am a CEO and have a company.
What one word describes you best? Ambassador.

Christopher DeWitt, Partner

Background: Christopher’s background in law enforcement brings a much-valued focus on servant leadership, an appreciation for standards and personable attitude that he uses well to assist DeWitt Consultancy in engagement efforts. He is a highly motivated member of our Sales team.
Personal motivation: I want to help build a company that we can pass on to future generations. No matter how hard the challenge I will not give up on myself, or my family.
Why do you like working for DeWitt Consultancy Partners? I like working for DCP because it is a fair and just company, and I feel that Kimberly will treat everyone exactly the same.
What one word describes you best? Determined.