DeWitt Consultancy does not believe in half solutions. We believe that if you take the time to solve organizational issues right and fully the first time, it will cease being a recurring problem. We offer holistic solutions meant to diagnose and treat the worst that organizational inefficiency, chaos and gridlock can bring. Work with us to get your company AIM-ed in the right direction!

Assess – Looking back before looking forward

No organization can address the current priorities without assessing the previous activities, business processes, and decisions that became the foundational blocks of today’s organization. DeWitt Consultancy Partners facilitates an objective, open, and safe space to talk through the sensitive topics that can prevent teams and organizations from determining true root causes of inefficiency, gaps, and organizational chaos.

List of services:

  1. Organizational analysis
    • SWOT
    • Competition analysis
    • Retroactive strategic assessment
    • Retroactive budget assessment
    • Organizational self-check
    • “People and Process” analysis
  2. Organizational/departmental initiative analysis/definition
  3. Scenario analysis
  4. Organizational/department strategic planning
  5. IT-Organization specific services
    • Business intelligence – Architecture, POC, scoping
    • Organizational relationship assessment
    • Data services (architecture, development, gap analysis)
    • Technical debt assessment


Implement – Be actionable not just in motion

Recognizing the issue at hand is only the first step in the change process. Regardless of the nature of the initiative, moving forward without a clear plan for now and after is a good way for organizations to spin their wheels, expend money/resources without seeing a return, and lose trust and credibility both internally and externally. DeWitt Consultancy Partners has a wide-array to project/program management experience that will help organizations move forward with timelines, accountability and confidence.

List of services:

  1. Strategic planning operational implementation
  2. Program/Project Management
  3. Departmental road-mapping/implementation
  4. Process Assessment/Creation/Improvement
  5. Vendor Management
  6. Educational/Self-Service Training
    • Data advocacy/education
    • Operational cross-training
  7. IT-Organization specific services
    • Cross-training development
    • Business Intelligence
    • Data services (advocacy, training, self-service)
    • Technical debt mediation
    • Management mentorship/training
    • Organizational bridge-building
    • Agile/Scrum/Kanban/SDLC
  8. Internal product development/implementation
  9. Conflict/Interdepartmental Communication Management

Maintain – Living for the future

Once the initiative is over and deliverables delivered, the work is not over. Every initiative, no matter how small, has maintenance cost. Partner with DeWitt Consultancy Partners to make sure that all the hard work put in will continue to create value through sustained efficiency and proper integration into the organization.

List of services

  1. Organizational reporting (executive/departmental)
  2. Organizational documentation process creation/improvement/mitigation
  3. Role/Process succession mitigation
  4. Organizational training
  5. IT-Organization specific services
    • Data services (governance, architecture, strategy)
    • Training
    • Road-mapping