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Kimberly DeWitt adds teaching bona fides with LaunchCode KC

Summary: DCP CEO, Kimberly DeWitt, adds formal teaching bona fides, accepting teaching role with LaunchCode KC for the January 2023 Data Analysis cohort.

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With her 25+ years of IT experience, CEO/Chief Strategist of DeWitt Consultancy Partners, Kimberly DeWitt, is well-equipped for her latest step: the classroom. Beginning in January 2023, she will be partnering with LaunchCodeKC as a Teaching Assistant in their next Data Analysis training track.

LaunchCoders spend 24 weeks learning foundational knowledge into how to code, what data is, where it comes from, and how it can be used to inform trends and aid in decision-making. LaunchCoders utilize Python, SQL, Tableau, and various data to source, clean, profile, model, visualize, and report back findings in a manner consumable by stakeholders.


About LauchCodeKC

LaunchCode is a nonprofit offering free tech education and job placement opportunities to bring new people from all backgrounds into the tech field and reshape the way employers think about hiring. To learn more about LaunchCode, visit www.launchcode.org.


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