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Happy Holidays from DCP!

Thank you to all of our partner clients, staff/advisors, and supporters, both here and abroad! Every anniversary is both humbling and a new challenge to do bigger and better next year. This is our first year being able to give out corporate gifts! 

To our partner clients: Thank you for your faith in us, your support of small business, and your partnership! 

2022 Clients of the Year

– ZVM Associates (www.zvmassociates.com)

– Nova Terra Solutions (www.novaterrasolutions.com)

–  CVS Health

– AMC Theatres

Kimberly DeWitt adds teaching bona fides with LaunchCode KC

With her 25+ years of IT experience, CEO/Chief Strategist of DeWitt Consultancy Partners, Kimberly DeWitt, is well-equipped for her latest step: the classroom. Beginning in January 2023, she will be partnering with LaunchCodeKC as a Teaching Assistant in their next Data Analysis training track.

LaunchCoders spend 24 weeks learning foundational knowledge into how to code, what data is, where it comes from, and how it can be used to inform trends and aid in decision-making. LaunchCoders utilize Python, SQL, Tableau, and various data to source, clean, profile, model, visualize, and report back findings in a manner consumable by stakeholders.


About LauchCodeKC

LaunchCode is a nonprofit offering free tech education and job placement opportunities to bring new people from all backgrounds into the tech field and reshape the way employers think about hiring. To learn more about LaunchCode, visit www.launchcode.org.


Kimberly & Christopher DeWitt attend 17th annual More2 Gala

Kimberly DeWitt, CEO/Chief Strategist, and Christopher DeWitt, VP, Engagement & VP, Security Solutions was honored to be the guests of Keith Dixon, Chairman of the More2 board, at the 17th Annual More2 Gala. This year’s theme, A Night at the Carnival, was a contributing factor to our leaders winning the “Best Dressed” award. 

Rev. Harold Johnson, who is also the Commissioner of the district where DCP is  based, was recognized as an Equity Partner of the Year. DCP sponsored an ad in appreciation of both the Commissioner’s significant achievement and in support of More2’s essential mission.


About More2

MORE2 was created in 2004 as a social justice organization representing different faith traditions, cultural backgrounds, races, and economic means. The organization included twelve congregations and has now grown to thirty-two congregations and many individual members. We are united in our commitment to transforming our communities, building a Kansas City area that embraces all people and offers everyone the opportunity to achieve their greatest potential. As people of faith, we are called to break down barriers that divide us by race and class. Rather than providing services or programs, we work to change policies through grassroots movements, in ways that promote racial and economic equity in Kansas and Missouri. We are affiliated with the Gamaliel Network, which includes 45 affiliates in 17 states. Truly grassroots, the members of MORE2 and the other affiliates work together to set the national priorities agenda for Gamaliel and come together multiple times a year for training and development. To learn more about More2, visit www.more2.org.


DCP attends annual P3 JoyUs Gala

DeWitt Consultancy Partners sponsored a table at the 2nd annual JoyUs gala, P3’s signature event showcasing the year’s accomplishments, goals, and artists. This year’s keynote speaker was Obbie West, an internationally known spoken word artist. 

The Gala also highlighted community leaders, mental wellness contributors and artists, and featured a silent auction.

Of special note is that the P3 Gala was DCP’s first corporate sponsored event. Guests of DCP included:

  • Georgia Washington
  • James & Ann DeWitt
  • Bre & Bria Hill
  • Marquail Brown

About Poetry for Personal Power

Poetry for Personal Power (P3) is a nationally recognized advocacy organization and expert on trauma and resilience. Our mission is “Using art to show that emotional distress is temporary and transformative.” Under the roof of advocacy, we have 3 pillars which are arts, mental health, and social determinants. We believe that social determinants are a large factor in behavioral health outcomes and promote self-sufficiency, resource networks, and strong communities for people who experience mental distress. We contribute to the advancement of racial equity by teaching entrepreneurial skills, helping peers and artists to diversify income streams, and by teaching caregivers and organizations multi-cultural competencies. To learn more about P2, visit www.poetryforpersonalpower.org.


Business strat planning

Businesses fail when they fail to plan. It doesn’t matter your size, market, or how educated your executive team is. Without a plan, your business is flying by the seat of its pants.

Strategic planning can be alot of things: hard, complex, time-consuming, and maybe even a bit scary. However, it is not something to be ignored. 



Strategic plans act as the framework for departmental operational plans. Strategic plans (and their derivative Operational Plan cousins) serve several purposes: 

  • Documents and visualizes the executive vision
  • Creates alignment/accountability between the executive group and downstream teams
  • Provides the foundation for departmental operational plans
  • Provides a pathway for EVERY employee to personally invest in the continued success of the company


Strat planning is an excellent way to EXECUTE BRILLIANTLY by being intentionally proactive and not blindly reactive.

DeWitt Consultancy Partners provides a wide array of organizational consulting services, including strategic/operational planning, and is a knowledgeable partner to have on your side, regardless of where you company is in its planning journey. Use our contact form to reach out for a consultation on your company’s needs. We’re here to help.

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